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Milestones: Laurent Chaillou’s 5-Year Journey at Greystar

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Written by Sarah Claire Eleazer
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Edited by Maya Fowell
Talent and Culture May 22, 2024

As part of our ongoing employee milestones series, we're excited to highlight Laurent Chaillou, Senior Director at Greystar France. Over the past five years, Laurent has played an important role in the expansion of our European operations. 

Follow along below as he takes us through his journey from day one, reflecting on our progress and sharing his excitement for our future plans as we continue to grow. 


What attracted you to Greystar?

“My story with Greystar began in a somewhat unique way compared to other leaders. I joined the group through the acquisition of Acteva, which I had been leading for the previous two years, with the mission of supporting the company’s growth and ensuring its future sustainability. I didn't just choose to join a new company for a new personal or professional project; I chose to entrust Greystar with the professional destiny of my teams. The exchanges with Bob Faith and the European teams at that time were decisive; the human values conveyed by Bob, as well as the team spirit dedicated to our growth, our customers, and our residents, immediately resonated with me. I was won over by the clear determination to want and know how to do our job in the best way possible. Proof that my intuition was correct: the teams have remained loyal, are thriving, and our long-standing clients are satisfied."


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What keeps you at Greystar?

“I learn a lot every day at Greystar through interactions with the French and European teams across all disciplines. This continues to contribute to my professional and personal growth. In a few weeks, we will deliver our first owned asset in France. Five years ago, Greystar was a small business in continental Europe; today, the platform has developed and strengthened with strong expertise in operations, asset management, and marketing, to name a few. Furthermore, Greystar has given me the opportunity to increase my responsibilities in France. Beyond operations management, I now oversee the support functions of the French entities."


“I take great pleasure in working with my European colleagues and witnessing our collective ability to rise to major challenges.” 

- Laurent Chaillou, Senior Director at Greystar France 


How would you describe Greystar's culture?

“Greystar is definitely a company that puts its employees at the heart of its operations. I'm not saying everything is simple all the time, but we know how to say 'thank you' and express gratitude for the work that has been done. It may be a bit cliché to say that, but in fact it is significant; it’s essential for moving forward to find that little bit extra that makes all the difference at the finish line. I am also impressed by the constant pursuit of operational excellence and customer satisfaction. We also have deep convictions about growth; perhaps that's our American touch! Personally, I’ve been given the opportunity to manage people, manage companies, and manage real estate assets; these deep convictions make me grow." 


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What are you most looking forward to about Greystar’s future? 

“We all know that the real estate markets of our advanced economies are currently experiencing a deep and complex crisis, but at Greystar we are fortunate to operate in one of the most sought-after asset classes by investors. Housing will remain a primary need, and the current imbalances between supply and demand are not likely to be resolved soon. Therefore, I remain very optimistic about our future! The best proof of this is the upcoming delivery of two major projects in Paris. We will deliver nearly 1000 beds in the coming months, and two Canvas assets will further strengthen the presence of the brand in Europe. On a more personal note, I look forward to leveraging the expertise of the French teams to enhance the performance of our owned assets. We are fortunate to be able to rely on a united, talented, and dedicated team. Their future is clear: success!" 


Join us throughout the rest of the year as we showcase more Greystar team members from across Europe in our Career Milestones series. 

Interested in a role in operations with us? Visit our career page to explore all available opportunities and apply today!  

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